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Bamboo Branding is a Singapore based boutique agency that supports startups and micro-brands to improve their branding, marketing and e-commerce performance. We offer effective and personalised support in a cost-efficient way.

We develop your brand positioning

Whether you are an established brand or launching your new brand soon, we can support you with developing the right brand strategy. From the target audience until your unique selling points, we cover the whole range. In addition, we also offer brand identity and website development services to bring your brand to live. It’s also possible to have a branding workshop or get mentorship in case you or your your team only needs a little bit of refreshment.

We market your product or service

To grow your business it’s key to acquire new customers, maintain recurring customers and make sure their basket size increases. This can be achieved by selecting the best marketing channels and creating a resonating message for your business. We have experience with online channels like social media and offline like print, pr and activations. We can also help you to organise marketing events, fairs and tradeshows.

We build your e-commerce ecosystem

Bamboo Branding is a partner of e-commerce platform Shopify. We strongly recommend new brands to use Shopify and we can help you during the whole webshop development process. We can build your webshop from scratch, only help where needed or guide your team via a workshop or mentorship. Besides this we can also advice you on how to build your e-commerce ecosystem including logistic, payments, production and more.

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